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Vinod Dham: Father of Pentium

Vinod Dham was born in Pune in 1950 in a Punjabi family. Vinod Dham father was a army personnel. They moved from Rawalpindi to Delhi during the partition of India.
Vinod Dham completed his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in 1971 from Delhi College of Engineering at the age of 21. Vinod Dham joined Continental Devices, a Delhi based Semiconductor company after his Bachelors. Then later in 1977 Vinod Dham completed his masters in Electrical Engineering specialized in Solid State Science from University of Cincinnati, USA.

Inventing Pentium
Vinod Dham has joined the National Cash Register(NCR) Corporation at Dayton, Ohio, USA. Vinod Dham was a team member of NCR’s memory design group and received many patents for his work. Vinod Dham joined Intel, and started working on the Pentium chip. Vinod Dham was in-charge of developing the Pentium processor or 586. Vinod Dham was known as the “Father of Pentium” for the role in the development of the Pentium processor. Vinod Dham is also one of the co-inventors of the Flash memory. Vinod Dham became the vice president of Intel Microprocessor products group. After spending 16 long years at Intel in 1995 Vinod Dham quit Intel.Vinod Dham counts Intel CEO Andy Grove as the person who influenced him most.

Vinod Dham at AMD

Vinod Dham joined NexGen as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. In 1996, NexGen was acquired by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) for about $500 million. Vinod Dham at AMD played a key role in developing AMD’s K6 or “Pentium Killer” processor which is the worlds fastest personal computer Microprocessor. He served as the vice president of the AMD’s computation products. Later Vinod Dham quit AMD.

Vinod Dham wants to work for startups and quit Intel to join NexGen, a startup microchip company. After AMD acquired NexGen, he found himself placed in another big company and quit AMD. Vinod Dham joined Silicon Spice, another startup started in March 1997 which focuses on communication chips. In 2000, Silicon Spice was acquired by Broadcom.

Vinod Dham confounded New Path Ventures which has funded companies like Nevis Networks. Vinod Dham is the founder and managing director of NEA-Indo US Venture Partners. Vinod Dham invested in many telecom software companies like Obopay, Connectiva and Myntra.

Vinod Dham was part of the Board of directors of Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Vinod Dham resigned as a director from the Satyam board on December 28, 2008 after the resignation of the Satyam chairman. Vinod Dham runs a nonprofit TeachAIDS which spreads the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Here are the fast facts of Vinod Dham.

Name: Vinod Dham

Date of Birth: 1950


Education: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. Masters in Electrical Engineering specialized in Solid State Science from University of Cincinnati, USA.

Claim of Fame: Father of Pentium.

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